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At McRent you drive into your vacation with the vehicle group you have requested.


A good choice between different groups of vehicles at reasonable prices.


New models with ABS, ASR and mobility warranty.

Welcome to McRent Motorhome Rental!

You intend to rent a motorhome and you are looking for the best offer? Come and try us! Fair - easy - safe, that is our philosophy! Being a motorhome rental service operating throughout Europe, USA, Japan and New Zealand, we offer all kinds of motorhomes a good rental service can offer. In Japan we have practical semi- integrated or luxury fully-integrated motorhomes, all of them vehicles are in top condition.


Driving in Japan

It is your first time driving in Japan? Don´t worry we have summarized a few helpful tipps which make it easier for you to drive in Japan. What are the traffic ruels in Japan? Are there different road information signs and what are the Japanese key phrases on the road? Our McRent manual will help you and make your Roadtrip in Japan with our Japanese Camping Cars to an unforgettable experience!     Download McRent Japan manual


Motorhome Rental Made in Germany

Enjoy flexibility during your holiday! Renting a motorhome will always mean to be where you like it. There is no lack of mobility and self-determination during such holidays. A simple example shall illustrate it: Who has ever slept in a flooded tent for several days during a rainy summer will really appreciate the advantages of a dry, roofed bed. Rather often, the weather is incalculable. And in case the bad weather doesn't stop: With a motorhome you quickly will be at a place where the sun is shining! McRent motorhomes meet even high requirements on sleeping and living quality.

Rent a motorhome is ideal for almost any kind of holiday. Depending on the vehicle type, you can go on city trips, beach or active holiday - your freedom will be unlimited.

You want to enjoy motorhome holidays in Europe, New Zealand or the USA? Currently you find McRent stations in 17 different European countries! Also you can rely on our proven McRent system in New Zealand and the USA from our partner Best Time RV too. Take a look at and enjoy your holidays anywhere you like, supported by our reliable McRent stations on site.

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Enjoy the feeling of freedom in a Motorhome

And also the physical well-being is given its fair share during a holiday with the rented motorhome. Almost all modern motorhomes dispose of a fully equipped kitchen with two or more hot plates. A relaxed breakfast without having to observe the hotel schedule, a hot snack at lunchtime - you always have everything on board.

The rental motorhome is ideal for almost any kind of holiday. Depending on the vehicle type, you can go on city trips, beach or active holiday - your freedom will be unlimited.  Unlike e.g. on board an aeroplane, you will get a lot of impressions during the journey to your holiday resort, you can directly get to know the country and its people. With a motorhome from McRent, you will experience a completely new kind of holiday!

Renting a motorhome won't cost the earth. Just compare the costs with other types of travelling and you will easily find: It's worth it.  "Renting a motorhome at a reasonable price" means at McRent "Our offer is worth the price".

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